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What a game!! The bulls playing short handed agian, missing Derick Rose with a sore groin. The bench had to step it up  again and they did. With John Lucas III steping up his game with the game high 24 points. The Bulls mad ethe big plays when they needed them. Thats what the difference maker was. Even thought the Heat did cut a 17 point lead to 3 at one point game. Dwayne Wade cam on strong in the 4th quarter but it wasnt enough to over past the Bulls. The Bulls out rebounded the Heat 50 to 34. That cut down the Heats second chance and slowed them down. With going up a gainst a top team like the Heat the Bulls have ot limit the second chance points and play good defence and thats what the bulls did. The bulls play some good teams coming up the next couple games and now have to put this one in the book and move on. The Bulls next game is on Friday against the Portland Trail Blazers, a top team in the western division. The Bulls are at home but it should be a hard game and a good one to watch. GO BULLS!


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