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Bulls Vs. Raptors 3/24

Well the Bulls went up against a team that really wanted to beat them, the Raptors. The raptors took the Bulls to their first overtime game of the year. The bulls were once again without the MVP, Derick Rose, but it didn’t stop them from trying and working hard. in the second quarter Joakim Noah was tossed out of the game with two technical fouls. So that mean Taj Gibson and Omer Asik had to come off the bench and step in. Gibson took most of the minutes with 30 minutes. There were three that stepped up and put some points on the board, C.J. Watson with 23 points, Luol Deng with 23 points and Charlos Boozer with 24 points. The Bulls for the first time in a long time got out rebounded, without having Noah in the game I wasnt shocked. The last play of the game was crazy Deng tips it in for the win on a Watson miss, it was blocked a little. Watching the replay was that much better. watching that game the Bulls got out played the whole game but came away with the win.


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