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Bulls vs Nuggets

The bulls were once again short-handed Rip Hamilton out again and Derrick Rose who missed his seventh game. The bulls started out strong but in the end they couldn’t hold on, going in to the half with the lead then came out flat in the third quarter scoring just 16 points but gave up 27. They also gave up 27 points in the fourth quarter. The one stat that sticks out to me the most was the rebounds, they were out rebounded 45-32. for a team that leads the league in rebounding that’s not good and we see why, 108-91 bull loss. The Bulls need to get those rebounds especially when their best player is out. Yes, the Bulls are a very deep team. John Lucas came off the bench to score 14 and so did Kyle Korver. The rebounds that the Bulls normally get are the hustle once, so that they got out rebounded is more like they got out hustled. Basketball is a grind on everyone so once the whole team is healthy will help a lot. reading an article they were talking about getting one of those players back tonight against the Hawks, Rip Hamilton. Hamilton is just so prone to injury I feel like it’s a 50/50 for tonight. So watch and see if he’s playing tonight against the Bulls.


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