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Bulls vs Knicks

Well its good to see the Bulls with a full team. Derrick Rose came back today. Did notice that he was a little rusty, but that’s expected hes missed 13 games in a row. Also with Rose back the Bulls where out not really flowing together that first quarter. at one point the bulls where down by 21 in the first quarter but they did come back and slowly chipped away at that lead. After that first quarter it really became a defensive game. Both teams shot the ball pretty bad the Bulls shot 39% and the Knicks shot 38% from the field. the game really turned to a defensive game after the first. The Knicks played some good defence against the Bulls making the Bulls comite 19 turn overs eight of those were Rose. Turnovers are what really cost the Bulls the win and not making free throws at the end of the game. But to battle back from 21 down and go up 9 at one point shows that they have character. Its to bad that they did lose in over time, thanks to Carmelo Anthony and his 43 points in the game. Rose had a team high 28 points, but didn’t shoot all that well, he did miss some shots that once he gets back to the swing of things he will be making those shots. It’s just good to see Rose back and playing and to have a full team again. the Bulls play the Knicks again soon at the United Center, so Knicks look out for some pay back.


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