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Bulls vs Pistons

For the Bulls it was another hard game that went into overtime. This time Derrick Rose did have a big game, scoring a team high 24 points and had the game tieing three pointer to go into overtime. The Bulls had a lot of turnovers with 19 in total, so it wasn’t the greatest game against the Pistons, but it was a win. For some reason the Detroit Piston always show up ready to play the Bulls. once again it was a team win even with Rose’s game high 24 points the rest of the team scored. All but one person, Jimmy Butler he only played 30 seconds of the game, scored. Kyle Korver had a 13 of the bench and had some big shots at the end to help the Bulls  come back and win. The big man Joakim Noah supplied 20 points and 17 rebounds had a lot of hustle to carried the bulls past the Pistons. the Bulls next two games are against sub 500 teams so they need get those wins to help get that number one spot in the East.



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