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Bulls vs Wizards

Well the Bulls went up against one of the worst teams in the Wizards and lost. It was one of those games where they were just tried, they played two of their last three games in overtime and were once again without Derrick Rose and Loul Deng. With that said the Bulls should have won that game they were playing the Washington Wizards at HOME. the Bulls really miss Deng the most from that game, they have played with out Rose for the longest time but with out Deng a man who plays 40 plus minutes a game that’s what hurt the most. The big Difference in the game the bench points. the Wizards bench out scored the Bulls bench aka the bench mob, 35-15 that is something it is rare for the Bulls to be out scored by the other teams bench by that much. the Bulls Starters play OK, Bulls starting shooting guard, Rip Hamilton scored a team high 22 points. the Thing that I don’t get with coach Thibodeau seems to not put Hamilton in the 4th quarter even when he doing good. Well he’s the coach and we have to trust him, Bull’s play tonight against the Charlotte Bobcats hopefully the Bull are rested so they get a win.


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