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The journalist that I have chosen to do my Multimedia-Journalist is Will Sullivan.

In this article it talks about traveling to Saint Louis and what a person might want or need when in Saint Louis. Each of the bold headlines is a link to another website. I think its a good idea how he did this because it fast and easy to go. He gives a small description about each link and then lets the reader decide if want to read more about that. Like for the Cardinal’s tickets, it talks a little about what’s going on but then it lets you go to other SND articles that are associated with the story in some way.  http://www.snd.org/2011/09/last-minute-packing-travel-planning-social-media-and-other-logistical-tips-for-snd-stl/


In this article Sullivan talks about a new and strange thing that St. Louis is doing for tours. This site has many other links on it that go along with what he is saying in the story. The first link when clicked on talks about St. Louis and the different ways to get around the down town area. Then it goes on to talk about the segway tours. He has a link to the website so people can book a tour on a segway. Also he has a video for the people to watch that haven’t seen a segway. The content in article is short and got to the point so I like how this site is arranged.  http://www.snd.org/2011/09/st-louis-segway-tours/

In this article it talks a about a meeting for SND their is very little material. The one thing that I do like is a picture it is something different and it helps the reader want to read more. In the building link it goes and shows exactly where everything will be it is a detailed floor plan. Their is a list of times and will be talking about and who will be talking at those times. It could use some more information that would be the only thing I would say needs to be changed.  http://www.snd.org/2011/09/snd-committee-meetings-to-be-held-during-snd-stl-conference/

This is more of a fun article of what the SND staff and other journalist and who ever want to go with. They have a list of where they will be going. Links to the drink specials that the bars have so people know ahead the prices of the drinks. It also has a link to a map that is already routed to each of the bars; it gives the people an idea of where these places are. The proceeds go to the SND foundation and their is a link to where you can donate to them also. I like how this is formed and is a great way to in form people about a bar crawl.  http://www.snd.org/2011/09/snd-stl-opening-night-bar-crawl/

This is also another informing of a fundraiser. The article has a video that is down the page about how the fundraiser, trivia night, and how it is a good idea for a fundraiser. That it’s a fun night and easy because it is what it says, you don’t have to explain what it is. St. Louis really like to uses trivia as a fundraiser. It goes on to talk about what is needed to get a table for trivia and compete. It gives prices for food and drinks. They made it easy for the stuff to stand out because they highlighted it.  This is a very informative posting and has a lot of good useful information if you were to go the fundraiser. http://www.snd.org/2011/09/snd-stl-optional-friday-night-activities-happy-hour-at-flamingo-bowl-snd-foundation-trivia-night/ 

This posting is about another fundraiser to help the people of Joplin Missouri. This give the most important information at the top, where its at, how to get to the hotel. Then talks about why they are having this little party, and that to help the people of Joplin Missouri that were struck by a tornado. In the article Sullivan highlights the important things that he thinks the people need to know. I like the headline it simple and gets peoples attention, the picture is interesting also another way that draws people to read. This article is a longer one but I think it works because he highlights the important things about the article. http://www.snd.org/2011/09/snd-stl-opening-reception/

This post it talks about how to balance school and teaching students about the new technologies and journalism that comes with those new technologies. Sullivan talks about a couple of the top people in the Multimedia game like Steven King, Aaron Manfull and EIU teacher Bryan Murley. The article doesn’t really tell how to balance but it gives examples of people that are doing so. I thought it was going to be more informative. The headline made it seem as if it was a informative posting but non the less it still shows how people can multitask and keep up with the new technologies coming out every day. http://www.snd.org/2011/08/learn-about-how-to-balance-education-in-the-digital-age-at-snd-stl/

In this article it talks about different people not the candadates that will be involved with print and digital media. Sullivan talks about the SND people a little that will be following the 2012 elections. Jason Chiu said “His favorite election nights are ones that involve free food, beer and sleep afterwards.” It goes on to talk about Colin Smith, Derek Willis and Levi Chronister and gives a breif over view of what they have done and what they will do for up coming elections. This article has few links and just pictures of the people, it dry and boring.  http://www.snd.org/2011/08/get-ready-for-the-2012-elections-with-our-print-and-digital-panel-at-snd-stl/ 

In this post Sullivan talks about that they are looking for students teachers to help SND. They have a music video from the TV show Glee for people to watch. They are looking for all types of jobs for people to fill, “Some of the assignments include helping set up and work on the events throughout the weekend (including the Trivia Night and Opening Reception), registration desk duty, creating photos/blog posts/social media covering the event, setting up and introducing speakers, etc.”. Their then is what they want you to they have bullet points that saw they need name, contact info, hours that you could work. This was a short post but the headline already says what it means.    http://www.snd.org/2011/08/volunteer-for-snd-stl-meet-cool-people-network-give-back-to-the-greater-good/

In this post by Sullivan he talks about the St. Louis transportation in the down town area. This article was used in another post that he had later. The post talks about the trolley and it gives prices for a ride. The post has a couple links that go to songs that about trolleys. There is a link to the Metro web page the reader can go and find out more. I like the way the post is set up the way the eye moves down the page. http://www.snd.org/2011/08/st-louis-downtown-trolley-offers-cheap-travel-around-washington-ave-entertainment-district-snd-stl-opening-reception-other-downtown-attractions/

From reading and looking at many of Will Sullivan’s work I would have to say that he has a good idea what a good multimedia journalist needs to have. He does a lot of good things from the top, his headlines are good. They explain what the article is going to be about, the headlines are sometimes long but they get the readers to read the post or article. Another thing that Sullivan does that I like was that he makes the page visually stimulating there are pictures, good pictures that are interesting and have a meaning not just a fill in the page type of picture. He puts videos on the pages also that help the readers to keep at least looking at the page. Another thing that stands out is that he’s not afraid to highlight words that he thinks are important. That if you just skim over the story he highlights and that draws the reader’s eye to that information. The use of bullet points is good in his writing too has a good amount of short bullet points that are easy to read.  Another thing about his words is that he keeps the word count very low. There were not too many post that were 500 words or longer. He knows what the online readers want to read and that very little. Online readers are mostly multi tasking looking at other things. Also in his text he puts in good amount of hyper links to click to and get more information on the subject. He at times gives the briefs about the subject and then lets the reader click and find out on another page. It could have been a map with directions to different places to go, a place to donate for a fundraiser or anything else. He has his articles filled with hyperlinks and good information. But some articles that he did post were short of information and didn’t have that much content, he really let the headline tell what was going on like in the, SND committee meeting to held during SND STL conference, was a short get to the point article. Just reading his articles I liked them they had good content specifically for the St. Louis area because that’s where he is based out of. They were easy to read nothing over bearing, but made a lot of sense in what he was talking about. I would recommend him to other people to read he knows how to write to the online reader. He now is Director of Mobile News at Lee Enterprises Member of the Board of Directors at Online News Association, Co-founder & Co-Director of the Multimedia Immersion Workshop at National Press Photographers Association and Nerd in Chief at Journerdism.com. So not too sure how much he writes anymore but if he does I would read it and tell other to read.


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