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Bulls vs Knicks

Well its good to see the Bulls with a full team. Derrick Rose came back today. Did notice that he was a little rusty, but that’s expected hes missed 13 games in a row. Also with Rose back the Bulls where out not really flowing together that first quarter. at one point the bulls where down by 21 in the first quarter but they did come back and slowly chipped away at that lead. After that first quarter it really became a defensive game. Both teams shot the ball pretty bad the Bulls shot 39% and the Knicks shot 38% from the field. the game really turned to a defensive game after the first. The Knicks played some good defence against the Bulls making the Bulls comite 19 turn overs eight of those were Rose. Turnovers are what really cost the Bulls the win and not making free throws at the end of the game. But to battle back from 21 down and go up 9 at one point shows that they have character. Its to bad that they did lose in over time, thanks to Carmelo Anthony and his 43 points in the game. Rose had a team high 28 points, but didn’t shoot all that well, he did miss some shots that once he gets back to the swing of things he will be making those shots. It’s just good to see Rose back and playing and to have a full team again. the Bulls play the Knicks again soon at the United Center, so Knicks look out for some pay back.


BULLS vs. Rockets

Well its the first time I have had to say that the Bulls lost two in a row. The Bulls lost the game against the Houston Rockets in the second half, they went into the half with the lead then come out flat, they scored 19 points in the third quarter and gave up 31. If the Bulls shot better than 47% from the free throw line, going 8-17 they had a chance to win. Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau said this about the game last night, “Started the first quarter the same way. Ended the second (quarter) the same way. Started the third quarter the same way. No edge. No defense. Turnovers, turnovers, turnovers.” . The Bulls had 19 turnovers in that game, way to many. Looking at the Box Score the Bulls shot pretty good had a good amount of rebounds. They however did shot bad from the free-throw line and had to many turnovers. Once playoffs come they can’t do that, they wont go anywhere, those are key to winning a championship, not turning the ball over and making free throws. Well the Bulls have a couple of days off before the next game against a Boston team that is playing very good lately. Lets hope they get some energy back and play hard the next up coming games. For more game info click here.

Bulls vs. Thunder

Well the Bulls got their buts kicked against the Thunder. Guess they had too much thunder power for the Bulls. Looking at the game and the stats the Bulls lost that game in some bad style. Shooting 33% from the field and from behind the arc. You’re not going to win to many games, especially against a top team like the Thunder. This game showed why the Bulls miss Derick Rose, he’s a top scoring in the NBA and a good defender. Thunders point guard, Russell Westbrook and a game high 27 points. C.J. Watson and John Lucas are just small to handle Westbrook the whole game. Having Derrick Rose helps Luol Deng the most, Rose take the pressure off of Deng to score because the other team has to double team Rose and that leaves someone open. Deng scored eight points in the game, going 4-13. Hopefully Rose will be back soon because the Bulls have a stretch against some top teams.

BULLS vs. Pistons

The bulls played the Detroit Pistons on Friday, it looked like both Derrick Rose and Rip Hamilton but they didn’t. This was a hard-fought game the Pistons came to play the bulls where up by 12 but they never gave up, they cut the lead to four with five minutes left. The Bulls really didn’t shoot that good 42% and where 2-16 from three-point land. The Bulls did hold the Pistons to 32% from the field so they showed how good defense is key to winning games. The big difference like in most of the Bulls games was the rebounding. they grabbed 53 rebounds. I saw a stat that said the Bulls have lost only one game when grabbing 50 or more rebounds. Everyone that played that game scored, so that’s good to see also, means some good ball movement. At times the Bulls don’t look they greatest but tend to rely on their defence, that’s a good thing because their defence can win games.

Bulls Vs. Hawks

Well the Bulls came back of the lost against the Nuggets and played hard. The Bulls out hustled the Hawks and it really showed. Even without Derrick Rose the Bulls put some good points up, 99 to be exact. Chicago was down in the first quarter but really stepped their game up, in the second and third to put the Hawks away. The Bulls scored 55 in those two periods compared to the hawks 37. looking at the rebounds the Bulls had 45 to the Hawks 36. Deng lead the scoring charge with 20, AP Sports Writer Paul Newberry said this about the game “Deng had plenty of help. Boozer scored 20 points, Gibson added 19, while Joakim Noah and John Lucas chipped in with 10 apiece. Josh Smith led Atlanta with 19 points, but he had only six in the second half”. That’s when the Bulls do their best, when every one is contributing, especially when Rose is not on the floor. The Bulls are playing right now against the Pistons, rose is still sitting, but they still have Stacy King and Niel Funk to amuse you.

Bulls vs Nuggets

The bulls were once again short-handed Rip Hamilton out again and Derrick Rose who missed his seventh game. The bulls started out strong but in the end they couldn’t hold on, going in to the half with the lead then came out flat in the third quarter scoring just 16 points but gave up 27. They also gave up 27 points in the fourth quarter. The one stat that sticks out to me the most was the rebounds, they were out rebounded 45-32. for a team that leads the league in rebounding that’s not good and we see why, 108-91 bull loss. The Bulls need to get those rebounds especially when their best player is out. Yes, the Bulls are a very deep team. John Lucas came off the bench to score 14 and so did Kyle Korver. The rebounds that the Bulls normally get are the hustle once, so that they got out rebounded is more like they got out hustled. Basketball is a grind on everyone so once the whole team is healthy will help a lot. reading an article they were talking about getting one of those players back tonight against the Hawks, Rip Hamilton. Hamilton is just so prone to injury I feel like it’s a 50/50 for tonight. So watch and see if he’s playing tonight against the Bulls.

Bulls Vs. Raptors 3/24

Well the Bulls went up against a team that really wanted to beat them, the Raptors. The raptors took the Bulls to their first overtime game of the year. The bulls were once again without the MVP, Derick Rose, but it didn’t stop them from trying and working hard. in the second quarter Joakim Noah was tossed out of the game with two technical fouls. So that mean Taj Gibson and Omer Asik had to come off the bench and step in. Gibson took most of the minutes with 30 minutes. There were three that stepped up and put some points on the board, C.J. Watson with 23 points, Luol Deng with 23 points and Charlos Boozer with 24 points. The Bulls for the first time in a long time got out rebounded, without having Noah in the game I wasnt shocked. The last play of the game was crazy Deng tips it in for the win on a Watson miss, it was blocked a little. Watching the replay was that much better. watching that game the Bulls got out played the whole game but came away with the win.